Managing waste entails a sequential range of operational functions.

The timeline between the use of goods and the time of the disposal and management of the waste itself involves several processes, most of which inevitably rely on Reinforced Earth® solutions to assure proper handling. These processes normally include:

Sites built to support these processes require that a coordinated infrastructure is in place for managing the “cradle-to-grave” handling and monitoring of the waste. Reinforced Earth is constantly involved in working with government agencies, communities, public utilities, manufacturers, retailers, and industrial operators in dealing with their waste management infrastructure.

For Reinforced Earth, dealing with these challenges faced by the stakeholders is a natural course of business for our teams. Furnishing designs and materials for building a micro site-specific network of roads, delivery stations, processing stations, and landfills is routine for our teams.

We offer:

Elevated dump stations and landfills

Elevated transfer dumping stations are normally configured with elevated platforms for transferring waste from truckloads. Waste is dumped vertically onto or into catching basins for gathering and transferring the refuse to a processing station. Reinforced Earth MSE walls are ideal for configuring these transfer stations.

This initial process might involve the separation of waste as either recyclable or end-of-use. This step involves a process for resource recovery and separation. The resource recovery process for recycling typically involves secondary handling and sometimes repeats the initial process. In some cases, conveyors are required to reclaim this waste. TechSpan® reclaim tunnels are ideally suited for conveyance of these resources to the recycling processing facility.

Structures that are designed to support the disposal and management of end-of-life waste to be impounded in landfills or reservoirs can be complex. For landfills, Reinforced Earth offers eco-friendly solutions for containment and seepage control, drainage, and capping. Containment controls will normally involve reinforced soil walls and embankments, capping membranes, liners, and geocomposite drainage/aeration filters. TerraFlow™ drainage geocomposites is one example of Terre Armée’s solutions used for effective drainage and mitigating escape of gas and liquid of ponding leachate, brine and wastewater.


Designing and building reservoirs for permanent or temporary disposal and containment of industrial waste and by-product requires carefully detailed plans. Reinforced Earth companies deliver the necessary waterproofing, cutoff structures, and monitorization of the total siteworks for your waste management infrastructure needs.


Adapted solutions

Adapted solutions

From the start, our structures were envisioned, destined for use in material handling applications. Experienced in designing and supplying materials to construct walls, embankments, pits and heaps for waste management are covered by Reinforced Earth.

Extensive experience

Extensive experience

Reinforced Earth structures have been selected for decades in addressing the challenges of waste management. Our gained insights and experience in this sector show confidence in our approach.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable solutions

The terms “earth” “retaining” “global” “environment” “sustainable”, and “footprint” are rooted in Reinforced Earth’s culture. Our solutions answer to the infrastructure complexities associated with managing the planet’s resources.

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