Caring for our planet through concrete actions.

The rapid increase of carbon emissions to sustain economic growth and development worldwide is leading humanity at a turn point in its history. Climate change is directly impacting the lives of millions of people around the world and disrupting natural environments.

In line with the environmental ambitions of Vinci Group and Soletanche Freyssinet, Reinforced Earth Malaysia is actively working towards implementing concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions, optimising the usage of resource and preserving natural environments.

Our three priorities

Taking action for climate

Taking action for climate

Reinforced Earth Malaysia is acting to limit the future consequences of climate change. Through ambitious targets, we are aiming to dramatically reduce our gross emissions and to work towards it throughout the whole value chain.

Optimising resources through circular economy

Optimising resources through circular economy

The use of natural resources to sustain economic development, including through construction has caused some of them to become scarce. Reinforced Earth Malaysia works towards limiting the use of such resources. One of the key elements is the introduction of recycled materials through circular economy processes. This goes from challenging how we design and produce, to the reducing the use of extracted virgin raw materials.

Preserving natural environments

Preserving natural environments

Protecting natural environments is now becoming a central element of our engineered solutions and design philosophy. The projects that we develop may have a direct impact on natural environments, when this dimension is not assessed properly and integrated into the reflexional. Protecting these environments plays a major role in our offer. Throughout the project life cycle, Reinforced Earth and subsidiaries will strive to have as little impact as possible on natural environments, and to develop solutions to preserve natural resources and restore ecological balance.

Our commitments

> Low carbon concrete

Our innovation team has worked towards integrating low carbon concrete to manufacture our precast elements, therefore allowing for a direct reduction of carbon emissions and significant reduction of the carbon footprint of our solutions.

> Recycled materials

Reinforced Earth Malaysia offers a wide range of steel and geosynthetic reinforcements accommodating for various types of backfills. More generally, our years of engineering experience have allowed us to develop a deep understanding of our structures’ long-term behavior and accommodating for many design options.

> Caring for the fauna, the flora and natural resources

For many years, our solutions have been used as part of applications aiming to protect animals, preserve and foster natural environments, and help protect and manage natural resources like water. Our wildlife crossings, green solutions, and water management solutions are perfect examples.

> Infrastructure durability and sustainability

Our engineers pay special attention to durability, making our structures last for decades and allowing for long-term carbon footprint compensation. The inherent characteristics of our solutions make them resilient and resist to the effect of time.

Some initiatives and projects

You will find below some great examples showing how our teams around the world are actively working towards our environmental targets.

> Supplying drinking water to households with the world’s tallest Reinforced Earth® structure in India.

Terre Armée India developed a solution for the rehabilitation and stabilization of a slope located in the town of Tindharia, West Bengal, India. Watch the video and discover how, in addition to protecting the population from natural risks and providing them with safer infrastructure, Terre Armée managed to supply 30 households with drinkable water from the newly built structure. A great example of positive social impact on local communities.

> Protecting wildlife with safe crossing structures

The Reinforced Earth Company (USA) has contributed to the design and supply of materials for the construction of wildlife crossing structures. Below are two videos showing how the Reinforced Earth Company puts its world class engineering expertise to the service of wildlife preservation and protection.

Wildlife Crossing in Wyoming – 47 Pronghorn Cross

Connecting Wildlife Habitat Under and Over I-90

> Reinforced Earth UK uses low carbon concrete and recycled backfill as part of the Osborne – Essex Road project

As part of the Osborne – Essex Road development, Reinforced Earth UK proposed to integrate low carbon concrete and recycled backfills into the design to reduce the environmental impact of the project. Reinforced Earth® structures are made of concrete facing panels at the back of which reinforcement strips are connected and associated with backfill.

In this case, Reinforced Earth UK proposed to use low carbon concrete for the production of panels and to re-use backfill available on site. This was made possible thanks to the use of our EcoStrap® PVA geosynthetic reinforcement that allows to accommodate for backfills presenting a high pH.

Watch the video below to know more about the project:

> The Environment Certificate

MyHijau is Malaysia’s official green recognition endorsed by the Government of Malaysia to bring together certified green products and services that meet the local and international environmental standards. Our reinforcement strip, GeoStrap® has been recognised as a green product.

> The Environment Awards

To stimulate and promote environmental initiatives, The Environment Awards were launched in 2021 allowing for employees and teams around the world to propose ideas. This initiative aims to empower people, make great ideas visible and nurture a momentum aiming to have a positive impact for our planet and the future generations.

Our offer for environmental protection.

Reinforced Earth and its subsidiaries offer many engineered solutions that help protect the environment while reducing the carbon footprint of projects.

Through our engineering expertise and global experience, we help protect populations and wildlife, natural environments and resources, and infrastructure from natural disasters and industrial risks.

> Protection against natural risks

> Preservation of water resources

> Protection against industrial risks

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