In 1963, Henri Vidal, a French engineer, developed a new composite material using earth as a raw material.

Easy-to-use, the Reinforced Earth® technology quickly took hold as an ideal reinforced backfill solution, spawning the development of a company with offices across the five continents in just a few decades.

Today, Reinforced Earth Malaysia had been actively involved in the construction activities in the last 42 years. We have successfully constructed more than 2,105,195m2 of Reinforced Earth® retaining walls in more than 885 projects.


At the origin of mechanically stabilized earth structures, Terre Armée has an active presence on the five continents. Worldwide leader in soil reinforcements, we are proud to build on the legacy of Henri Vidal’s Reinforced Earth® invention and call ourselves The Original. Read more about who we are and how we got there.

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