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Integrating Innovative Engineering Solutions

Reinforced Earth Malaysia provides innovative technology by integrating engineering solutions in the fields of HYDRAULIC protection, ENVIRONMENTAL sustainability, GEOHAZARD risk mitigation, precast crossing STRUCTURES, SOIL reinforcement and RETAINING structures.

Our business model is based on providing our specialist services to our Retain, Cross and Protect business lines through cost efficiency, value added and optimised designs and construction methods management.Our experienced engineers and technicians strive to meet the needs of our clients by proposing solutions that are tailored to the specific features of each project.Our products ensure superior and assured quality and safety standards, long term performance and durability, as well as low risk and economic ramifications.

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Market Segments

Being at the forefront of innovation and path-breaking technology, Reinforced Earth Malaysia has forged an unrivalled level of expertise and experience to provide unique and bespoke solutions to a wide array of market segments.

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