Integrating Solutions

Integrating Engineering Solutions

The ability to amalgamate techniques, engineering interfaces and scientific know-how and expertise, provides us the unique opportunity to integrate a variety of solutions in a project.

For example, concrete structural behavior interfacing with soil mechanics or a geotechnical structure behavior interfacing with hydraulics flow patterns may often pose complex challenges to the technical realization of projects. At Reinforced Earth Malaysia, we have the tools and skills to address complex project requirements by selectively integrating our techniques and building on a project solution.

Urban Development

Urban mass transportation projects are made very complex by the lack of available space in cities. In order to meet the increasing diversity of infrastructure, construction and urbanization challenges in today’s changing world, Reinforced Earth Malaysia provides tailor made solutions to meet these challenges.

Compared to other techniques, Reinforced Earth® structures require limited footprint and, as such, makes their integration in urban environments easier. Reinforced Earth® retaining structures are used in many countries to support light speed, high speed and heavy railways. Our techniques simultaneously provide unique key benefits such as strength, resilience and durability.

The Reinforced Earth®, TerraArch™ and TerraLink™ techniques are widely used in public infrastructure projects because they require only a short construction time and a minimum right-of-way so traffic disruption is considerably reduced. Reinforced Earth® also offers limitless aesthetics possibilities.

Around the world, our teams work closely with architects and city planners to design tailored solutions that meet the most exacting architectural and environmental constraints.

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