Our Value Proposition

With over 885 projects completed, our engineers and project managers have developed the expertise needed to solve problems at various stages of a project.

Reinforced Earth Malaysia provides integrated innovative engineering solutions to all our projects. Whether we are engaged in a single or more than a hundred projects, we always manage to ensure success. Our flexibility is valuable while addressing various challenges of the project on site, or while adjusting to revised construction schedule and priorities. We work and provide solutions for any kind of challenges, and our solutions are not restricted to any specific product specifications.

Our excellent teamwork helps push the project in the right direction. Our experienced team of offsite and onsite managers and engineers are committed to finding the most practical and economical solutions for projects large or small, simple or complex. We as a team, always ensure to provide the best services to our clients and deliver timely, as per plan.

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We work with owners, consultants and contractors to provide a full range of professional services at every stage of the project:

Concept and Feasibility

We prefer meeting clients to understand the projects, analyse the site condition and discuss concepts, options, and budget.

Techno-Commercial Proposal

During the proposal phase, we produce a preliminary design that provide details on how our solution will be applied.

Detailed Assessment & Design

After the project is awarded, we engage in detailed risk assessment and design activity.

Risk Assessment

On the basis of the site visit, analysis and receipt of detail input from client, we evaluate and develop site risk and condition assessment.

Engineering & Aesthetic Design

Professional engineering is our strength. We fall back on our expertise and experience to prepare appropriately detailed and professionally sealed drawings, calculations, and, if needed, specifications.

Material Delivery

Post client’s approval, the manufacturing and delivery of specialized materials begin. Materials are fabricated at manufacturing facilities that are approved and monitored by Reinforced Earth Malaysia.

Construction Assistance

For any project, our experts are there to give guidance on the construction process.

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