Our Ethos and Spirit

Reinforced Earth Malaysia’s ethos, spirit and management policies strongly focus on protecting and developing the organization’s most valued asset – its people. Reinforced Earth Malaysia’s men and women are passionate about technology, build outstanding relationships with customers and share an uncompromising safety culture.

Reinforced Earth Malaysia’s people are driven by their team spirit, quest for excellence and determination to take innovation to the next level together, around the world.

A Community of Experts

The men and women at Reinforced Earth Malaysia’s provide the best-in-class solutions to deliver project success, while optimising costs and timeframes, and stop at nothing to honour our commitments to customers.

Our community’s strength is in its ability to harness its wealth of local experiences. The engineers and technical staff at our design office can tap into the experience that every Reinforced Earth subsidiary has built.

Our in-house network of experts supports them with integrated innovative designed solutions for their specific requirements.

Shared Values

Reinforced Earth Malaysia employs local talent. And we pool this by geographic and cultural diversity, primarily in sharing the same core values, namely safety, innovation and excellence. Safety steeps Reinforced Earth Malaysia’s culture. Our ability to take innovation to the next level is one of the hallmarks in our design office; it defines every project we take on and underpins our pride in belonging to Reinforced Earth Malaysia’s. And our uncompromising pursuit of excellence directs every team’s every decision and action.

Sharpening Skills

Training the teams across its business lines is one of the Reinforced Earth Malaysia’s top priorities. Investing in our people is our way of empowering them while constantly shaping our skills around our customers’ evolving wants and needs.

Our training programmes are designed to upskill our community of experts and take Reinforced Earth Malaysia’s quest for excellence to new heights.

Our Policies

Healthy working environment, accident prevention, continual emphasis on personal and skill development, commitment to sustainable development, striving for excellence, innovation and shared responsibility, diversified culture and high quality client service form a part of the overarching policies that are instrumental in the success of Reinforced Earth Malaysia. Listed below are 5 core tenets of our organization.

Occupational Health and Safety

It is our company policy to value the health and safety of our people in offices and job sites. Each employee has the right to walk away from an unsafe or dangerous situation, even if this requires compromise with a production target. All sites conduct and record pre-start meetings and tool box talks, and report unsafe situations. The company uses all necessary resources to train and develop its employees towards a strong health and safety culture. Our organization has a Health and Safety Policy that reinforces in all its employees the importance of ergonomics, work-life balance, stress management, and prevention of harassment and violence.

We are fully committed to realizing our goal of a zero-accident rate; our regulations, our company rules and our in-house tools guarantee that we will achieve this ambition.

Excellence in Client Care

Reinforced Earth Malaysia believes in striving for excellence in client care. Our primary objective is to earn our client’s respect, gain our client’s trust and forge a robust and long-term relationship.

Our mandate:

Quality Management System

Reinforced Earth Malaysia steadily operates on its fundamental principle of providing quality products and service to its customers. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification signifies our approach and commitment towards quality. Reinforced Earth Malaysia is a premier quality system certified organization for structural design, procurement and supervision of installation for Mechanically Stabilized Earth and Prefabricated Concrete Arch structures for overpasses, underpasses and interchanges, and manufacture of Geosynthetic Strap soil reinforcement products.

Our organization conducts stringent and regular internal audits to ensure that its processes meet and satisfy the client’s requirements. Reinforced Earth Malaysia adequately complies with all regulatory requirements. We have in place a systematic method for proactively identifying and correcting any discrepancies and preventing any potential non-compliance from occurring.

Environment Management System

Sustainable Development is core to our Social Responsibility. Our company consistently endeavours to provide its customers with not only superior innovative technology but also environmentally-friendly solutions. The Reinforced Earth Malaysia team is sensitive to the impact of high-tech solutions on the environment and consequently on future generations. Therefore, we employ methods and products that control the damage to the environment. Our precast products like TerraArch™, TechBox™, TechCulvert™ and TechWall™, amongst others, have much less carbon emission, and are readily repairable causing significantly less damage to the environment. Internal audits are carried out on our worksites to monitor compliance with control measures. Our in-house training programs help our site managers, engineers, technicians, superintendents and supervisors assist our clients to improve awareness of environmental risks, assessment and remediation control.

Sustainable Technology

Reinforced Earth Malaysia is committed to parenting the innovation gene with sustainable technology.
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