Integrating Solutions

Integrating Engineering Solutions

The ability to amalgamate techniques, engineering interfaces and scientific know-how and expertise, provides us the unique opportunity to integrate a variety of solutions in a project.

For example, concrete structural behavior interfacing with soil mechanics or a geotechnical structure behavior interfacing with hydraulics flow patterns may often pose complex challenges to the technical realization of projects. At Reinforced Earth Malaysia, we have the tools and skills to address complex project requirements by selectively integrating our techniques and building on a project solution.


Reinforced Earth Malaysia’s business model of providing integrated innovative engineering solutions help in delivering multifarious infrastructure solutions that are vital for Oil and Gas projects. Together with the project stakeholders, we rise to the challenge of building structures that allow access and workability for extraction, storage and production. With our expertise, we are able to construct on poor and marginal soils, even in remote areas regardless of weather constraints.

The intrinsic characteristics of our structures contribute toward mitigating environmental and industrial risks. Reinforced Earth® structures are proven to withstand the drastic impact of leakage and ignition of cryogenic volatile fluids. Our structural materials are substantially non-flammable and fire-resistant. Our structures absorb stresses induced by seismic activity as a result of their inherent ductility and resilience. Reinforced Earth® is a highly stable barrier that impedes the propagation of a blast at ground level and absorbs high levels of energy. The versatility of Reinforced Earth® allows the design of high-level-engineering solutions. Even for tall walls, our structures have the capacity to bear loads generated by cranes, piling rigs and other heavy equipment. Our structures are resistant to the loads associated with industrial processes such as crushing, screening and fracturing. Eventually combined with appropriate and adequate sealing materials, the structures are adapted to the storage of liquids, waste outputs and bulk materials. Open channels for catchment drainage and erosion protection works are carried out with our TechRevetment™ concrete grouted mattress system.

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