Innovative Solutions –Engineering Trends of Future

The trend that engineering was not occupying the most part of the value proposition has led to innovation that has predominately been dedicated to product manufacturing and technological developments as facilities.

However, due to very competitive market this trend is being reversed and it is more complex for infrastructures associated with environmental policies and security regulations, these are gaining more importance in global stage. This demand increases the need to incorporate innovation as a business.

In countries such as Malaysia, it is even more critical to remain competitive due to micro and macroeconomic challenges that are arising as an unprecedented climate. This Infrastructures will become more complex due to economic fluctuations and productivity. Therefore, it is important to shift our attention towards innovation.


Impacts of workforce and ability to adopt modern technology have significantly impacted the Engineering and infrastructure industry. Young engineers with their collaborative way of thinking is the solution to this problem. This can lead to an sustainable and more dynamic business.

It is important to coordinate these businesses with environment and consumer demands. In the engineering and construction sector the real challenge is competing in the crowded market. While trying to achieve global reach it is important to remain competitive by embracing modern ideas and alternative ways to find solutions.

Advantages of innovating

High efficiency: Efficiency is the key to remain successful in engineering and construction industry and this efficiency can be achieved by Innovation. The result or the delivery model of a project and adoptability of infrastructure can be adopted using the most advanced artificial intelligence.

Cost: The innovative and emerging technologies helps to reduce costs and maximize income.

Market: Innovation helps a business to be more flexible to strategies and adopting to market demands.

Adaptability: With technological changes and engaging with digital economy and Internet of things (IOT), only innovation helps as to adapt to these changes.

Workforce: A Skilled workforce should be retained in order to allow a business to develop through Innovation. Industries will be able to provide different new job openings and new ways to conduct system engineering.

Innovation in practice

Innovation and new technologies are being looked up after the project owners are being asked to construct buildings that are complex and which requires higher performance. One of such innovative digital solution to this requirement in the infrastructure industry is reinforced earth. The advantage of using reinforced earth includes cost and time efficiency.

For people who embrace opportunities, innovation is the key as it is essential in projects which are more complex and expensive. Innovation can improve cost efficiency, timelines and offer such unparalleled opportunities.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to keep up with modern technology and advancements and stay innovative as long as the Malaysia continues to remain the global leader. Any company that does not innovate have the risk of falling behind. Therefore, as an industry innovation propel us forward.

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