Integrating Solutions

Integrating Engineering Solutions

The ability to amalgamate techniques, engineering interfaces and scientific know-how and expertise, provides us the unique opportunity to integrate a variety of solutions in a project.

For example, concrete structural behavior interfacing with soil mechanics or a geotechnical structure behavior interfacing with hydraulics flow patterns may often pose complex challenges to the technical realization of projects. At Reinforced Earth Malaysia, we have the tools and skills to address complex project requirements by selectively integrating our techniques and building on a project solution.


The vast experience collectively accumulated for more than half a century, allows Reinforced Earth Malaysia to integrate diverse engineering techniques apt for different applications within the airport environment.

Airports are often located in areas where their expansion is made complex by the lack of space or the presence of hills, table top mountains, coastal areas and natural water channels. Our Reinforced Earth® structures enables reduction in land use, allowing expansion in even restricted environments. Even for high walls, our structures are able to bear loads generated by large aircrafts such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747. The rapid and predictable installation procedures with minimal disruption of traffic, makes our structures a sensible choice to meet the construction deadlines.

Within an airport, structures such as access ramps, bridge abutments, roadway retaining walls are often visible to the public. The Reinforced Earth®, TerraArch™ and TerraLink™ techniques are widely used in airport projects because they require only a short construction time and a minimum right-of-way so traffic disruption is considerably reduced. Reinforced Earth Malaysia has the ability to turn retaining walls into a visually pleasing works of art by offering limitless aesthetic possibilities. Open channels for catchment drainage and erosion protection works are carried out with our stone in-filled TerraMattress™ or TechRevetment™ concrete grouted mattress system. Airports in coastal environment often require breakwaters or bunds to be constructed with our TerraDyke™ system.

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