Who We Are

A French engineer's invention in 1963 developed a new composite material using earth as a raw material, which spawned the development of a company with offices across the five continents in just a few decades. Easy-to-use Reinforced Earth® technology quickly took hold as an ideal reinforced backfill solution in a number of applications, especially in the highways sector.

One of our ealieast MSE wall was build in 1982. The 5.5m MSE wall is located in front of Jabatan Kerja Raya, JKR office in Jalan Mahameru, Kuala Lumpur.

In the last 42 years, REM had been actively involved in the construction activities in , and has successfully constructed more than 2,105,195m2 of Reinforced Earth retaining walls in more than 885 projects.

The main applications of Reinforced Earth walls are in the construction of urban highways and interchanges, bridge abutments, mountainous roads and land development.With its main activities involved both geotechnical and structural applications in civil engineering, REM successfully completed 6 projects involving the use of Techspan prefabricated arches and 3 project of true ebutment.

In line with the requirements by the Malaysian Government, REM registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) in 1997, and had arranged to send all related employees to attend the "Green Card" training on site health and safety in 2000. In the same year, REM commenced the ISO 9001 programme to ensure that all its activities are consistent with the international requirement on quality

Our Success Story

Continuous growth for excellence had enabled us to provide sustainable and cost saving solutions to meet the needs of various project within the ASEAN region namely Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines and Indonesia. As a company, we have a total of 881 completed projects both local and international projects. We have a main office in Bandar Menjalara (Kepong), Kuala Lumpur which consists of various teams in finance, operations, business development and design. Reinforced Earth Malaysia Sdn Bhd has been an ISO standard 9001(QUALITY), 14001(ENVIRONMENT) and 45001(OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH) certified company providing “Design, Supply and Installation of Reinforced Earth Walls.”

Our Workforce

Reinforced Earth Malaysia has over 250 employees, most of whom are engineers and construction supervision personnel. The organization’s strengths are embedded in its strong values and work ethics. Customer satisfaction through assured quality and on-time delivery is our primary focus.


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We aspire to attain a Technical Leadership position in the civil construction industry by integrating innovative engineering solutions in the field of Retaining Structures and Soil Reinforcement; Crossing structures; and Preventing and Protecting infrastructures. Keeping our pioneering spirit alive, we continually create, design and supply innovative technologies for various market segments. We provide economical and sustainable solutions with a strong commitment towards excellence in engineering services.


To create a distinct identity, we are determined to provide quality and responsive services to our esteemed customers. As dependable and steadfast performers we seek to consistently provide our customers with high technical expertise in products, engineering and methods. For our stakeholders and shareholders, we aspire to be identified as a well-diversified, successfully growing and professionally managed company. We continuously strive to be a coveted and thriving institution to share work and life experiences by procreating value and respect, providing equal opportunity and solidarity to all our employees, and by creating a robust health and safety culture in the organization.

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