The RETAIN business line relates to technologies that involve earth retention and earth reinforcement applications.

Being the inventor and pioneer in back-filled soil retention systems and earth reinforcement business, this business line targets for projects and techniques involving externally built-up earth retention structures and in-situ improvement techniques. Our precast TechWall® and T-Wall® techniques can be applied to a wide range of land development, building and civil infrastructure projects. The soil reinforcement techniques can be applied to a variety of applications – from mechanically stabilized earth structures (reinforced earth slopes and reinforced earth walls), to reinforcement of cut and fill slopes through grouted soil nails, driven and stressed anchors and ground / rock anchors. This business line also deals in projects involving subgrade stabilization and improvement works, engineered solutions like bridging voids and subsidence, capping and piggy bagging of landfills, reinforcing lagoon closures, reinforcing and stabilizing embankments on soft and very soft foundations, load transfer platforms over piles, controlled modulus columns and stone columns.

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