Excuses People Give (For Not Paying a Bill)

How to Respond to Common Debtor Excuses

Batch your bills to align with each of your monthly paychecks, then pay them right away. Plus, you'll know exactly how much you have left for other spending. I have no idea where my bill is. That daily avalanche of mail and paperwork? If there's nowhere to put it, you'll scatter envelopes wherever you happen to be, so the utility bill ends up in a drawer, the credit card bill on top of the fridge.

5 top excuses (and 5 top fixes) for paying bills late

To deal with bills promptly, you need a system for handling incoming mail. Then get in the habit of sorting through it once a week. Just knowing where to look for a payment slip can save you late fees. I just got too busy. With jam-packed family and work schedules, who has the time or the inclination to sit down for bill-paying sessions that last for hours?

More businesses, including the major credit card companies, allow you to pay bills online or with downloadable apps, so you can make payments whenever you have a spare minute. Even simpler is to automate bill pay, either through your biller's website or through your bank or credit union's online portal.

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That way, money gets transferred automatically, and you don't have to think about it. Paying your bills isn't exactly a party; of course you put it off. Because procrastination hinges on avoidance, not time management, Ferrari suggests confronting your tendency to delay head-on by "publicly posting on Facebook and Twitter when you have something that you need to do.

For chronic procrastinators, who often need professional help to overcome their delay tactics, it's best to start small. Think of it like trying to lose weight. In much the same way insurance companies cut rates for good drivers, a few banks issue cards that reward on-time bill payment. You could also just try rewarding yourself.

People give great reasons for not paying bills on time, we've rounded up 27 of the best late payment excuses we could find - do any of these. Excuses: I didn't pay that bill because: no money, and no one will buy my boat, that I own with two other people, and even if I 20) I had a debtor tell me she was not liable for the bill because she was 56) I don't give a ____ about you.

An ice cream cone and no late fees? Sounds like a solid incentive. The offers that appear on this site are from companies from which CreditCards. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they may appear within listing categories.

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Other factors, such as our own proprietary website rules and the likelihood of applicants' credit approval also impact how and where products appear on this site. So we create our own top ten excuses for not paying a medical bill.

Every excuse you’ve heard from your friends for not paying up

The list is completely subjective but I tried to rank by the frequency we hear the excuse. If you have any interesting medical bill excuses to add, please submit them at the bottom of the page.

Man Pays Nearly $3,000 Bill Using A Wheelbarrow Full Of Pennies

I can appreciate an honest answer. Depending on a patient's insurance coverage and the time spent in the hospital, a providers charges are small compared to some of the hospital bills they may face. Many times a patient in this situation will offer to work out a payment plan which many providers will welcome. I can certainly understand this excuse. Depending on the practice management software, the patient statement can be cryptic and difficult for someone without a medical background to understand.

If the statement doesn't have an understandable description along with the medical billing codes , it's up to the patient to figure it out. Most people don't have the patience for that.

Sadly many times they are right because their payments were never entered. Sometimes entering payments is a low priority when a provider is short on office help. So entering payments into the medical billing software becomes a low priority.

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This is usually followed by the specific reason. You would be surprised how many patients may actually have never received a bill due to the sloppy billing practices of some offices. Or don't you love it when you receive a bill so long after a visit that you can't even remember what its for?