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They were annoyed with the amount of promo material on the app to celebrate Scorpio Recording Bon Jovi, getting voice and guitar just right, upright bass, mixing with Neutron, and recording guitar amps. Did Donald Glover steal, bite or was he just inspired? It even beat out rock! Check out what they have to say about what instrume Derek Talked about using Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Celemony Melodyne fpr pop production, building live loops for performing, Justin Timberlake vocal production secrets, and nailing the low end in your programmed drums.

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He is heavily involve Ryan talked about not losing the edge in your music that makes it awesome, recording vocals and acoustic instruments, mixing, and lessons learned from Rick Rubin. My guest today is Ryan Hewitt, a grammy-winning engineer, mixer and producer with a credit list spanning all popular genres of music for artists like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Av We talked about studio construction, getting great drums, guitar, and horn sounds, and how to build your production career.

We talked about studio construction, live stage recording technique, and the power of mixing templates.

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a home stu- dio, a small professional studio, or an on-location recording session. latest music recording technology, such as hard-disk and Flash mem- ory recorders given on equipping a home studio for any style of recording, with .. and record the mixer's output signal on a 2-track recorder (CD-R. You have an idea of making and producing your own music. It used to be that you needed expensive multi-track recorders and After a while, it dawns on you that making music is a craft, the mixer is its workbench, and the studio is it's The great masters of the recording arts learned their techniques by.

Nick talked about recording awesome drums, and guitars capturing a performance, and how to comp the best vocals. My guest today is Nick Worley a musician, engineer, who grew up in Nashville around recording studios. His father Paul was a session guitarist, producer and studio owner. He built a one-car garage in East Nashville into a tiny home s Mitch talked about song writing, producing Americana, and recording acoustic instruments for fantastic sounds! He shares an incredible studio with Va Andrew Talked about mixing hit records with only a laptop and headphones, and great ways to use your plugins for creating powerful drums, awesome guitars, and spot on vocals.

My guest today is Andrew Scheps, a multi Grammy award winning engineer, producer, and mixer. He has worked with a wide array of great artists from Stevie Wonder, to Michae Eric talks about producing pop punk with local bands, getting killer sounds for drums, bass, and guitars, and how to grow your local studio business through Youtube. My guest today is Eric Taft, a producer, engineer, and multi-talented musician working from the Buzzlounge Studio outside of Baltimore MD. Eric works alongside Matt Squire with art We talked about pushing creativity beyond the edge, creating 3d space around your mix, capturing incredible vocals, and lots more!

Shawn has a long discography of really cool sounding records! He has worked with m Daniel studied under west coast legends Ron Rob talks about getting great acoustic guitar sounds for Elliot Smith, recording Beck Loser, and much more! My guest today is Rob Schnapf, a producer making critically-acclaimed records for the past two decades. He first gained recognition by producing with his then-partner Tom Rothrock Beck's debut album, "Mellow Gold," including the breakth When list-making mania leads to a bucket-list experience.

We discuss what it's like to work at unfamiliar studios, how it feels to hand ov EveAnna talked about growing Manley Labs from a small business into a major company, explained tubes and why they sound great, and shared encouraging advice for getting perfect results even if you make mistakes along the way. How to write songs in Nashville with artists from around the world, produce records that are successful once they leave the studio, and create and grow your own record label.

My guest today is Femke Weidema, a musician, producer, songwriter, and composer for film and TV. He started playing guitar in Nashville as a teenager in the s and quickly Besides why buy a super expensive mic just to pick up the crappy acoustics of your room. Oh Thx Grahm or Grahame or …. No computer or DAW in my place. We turn knobs and push buttons on a big board, with rack units that make cool fx. This is so confusing. I already have a computer, DAW interface but I need to buy a mic and headphones.

What you think of that choice? Hi… I would advice you to stay away from Beats Headphones for the studio.


Expensive and muddy up the true sound with all the extra bass. Try Sony MDR as they are way less expensive and do not add any extra sound to the mix. This is VERY important. My pair of Sony headphones cost Hey folks, went to a real bad 8 track studio back in the 80s and had used porta studio and decades later I just bought Tascam MKII. Your 2 cents are appreciated.

Your ears are the most important tool in your arsenal. If your ears are in good working order and have sorted out the monitor part of the formula you have the tools you need. Many, many great recordings have been made with less. Not a single note to my email address. But thanks a lot man. Right now I am having a humming on my tascam MKii. Experimenting how to get rid of it. I still like the simplicity of Tascam but maybe switch to DAW? You could email me with an old email …callmemrbwana yahoo. Well I am on soc. And basically, my natural instincts took over control, as far as what I was hearing.

The DVD of was for the most…a rip-off. Bottom line, I thank you for the encouragement. Your logic was excellent, about many songs that made it, were not costly.

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Some good tips here. May save time and money in the long run? And I use beatmaker2 an garageband. At some point I even had a pretty upscale private recording studio with good equipment and all. However…much later in life, I scaled down to a guest bedroom type studio and minimal equipment — and I was still able to record good quality songs. I have Sound Forge 10 for track editing and a mastering bundle by Izotope that came included.

Always get the best equipment you can afford and learn to work with what you have. Your own abilities and talent will do the rest. This article is awful.

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There are many more articles out the which actually contain some valid guidance. IMO, a good mic pre and a good mic can make a real diference. Acoustic Treatment is overlooked, and mic placement. I am attempting to setup a home studio in order to create some crisp clean promo videos and possibly do some live streaming, live audio shows that I record while talking over Teamspeak.

I found some information on what I would need and purchased what I thought I would need. If there are any suggestions you can give about how to fix my problem, please let me know. Because I am currently having the same problem I have the neewer condeser mic as well but i have the focus-rite scarlet studio solo, and all i can hear is echo and a loud playback if you can help in anyway thank you.

This is a great article. One thing I would add to this, get an external hard drive to keep your files self, because if your computer ever crash, you still have your files.

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This is very important! I found a great article about setting up acoustic after purchasing all this great stuff from this article.

Hope this help http: I occasionally come by really old mics that are about to be thrown out — have been left behind by contractors, slammed in car doors, etc…. While some of these mics may not sound the greatest, they can be very cool as a special effect mic, or even for miking harmonica. Thanks Graham for great article that can help new comers to the field. I am still selling CDs and records produced from those days.

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I have learned that technique and experience go a long way with minimal equipment. AMEN Bruhthah and pass the ammunition!: Dear Graham, Enjoyed reading your articles and sharing your honest ideas with us. With your help, this site has become what it is today.

Three creative paths, one goal.

My guest today is George Massenburg, a multi Grammy award winning producer, engineer, mixer, and award winning audio designer legendary for having invented the parametric equalizer in Today's show begins to answer that question. We have updated the article to reflect both. My guest today is Wessel Oltheten, mixing and mastering engineer with a very diverse clientele, from big selling pop acts to Or you are into producing audio for video, film, podcasts.

Buying at zZounds is better than buying at many other stores. They have an easy return policy in case you run into trouble with your purchase and a lowest price guarantee. What could be better? You get a great store, the right price, EZ returns and you support one of the best user supported sites on the internet. Our fans tell it best. You are the Alton Brown of music engineering! What is this Guide? Consider the Guide as a classroom and each article a lesson.

The Guide is a series of articles. It starts with the core basics of modern music technology and progresses through advanced concepts of studio production. There are approximately 75 classes which you can see in the guides menu. MIDI is a form of computer data that keyboards and computers can send back and forth that turn on notes. You can write musical notes on a computer screen and the data turns notes on and off on the keyboard or sound module. Likewise you can play notes on your keyboard and the computer will "record" these commands to turn on and off notes. What is a Digital Audio Workstation?

There are editing tools that let you control every aspect of the production down to very fine details. Effects and processors of high quality are increasingly being added to these applications. Modern DAWs now can fulfill many recording studio functions that were possible only in expensive studios a decade a go. What is a multi-track recorder?

A multi-track recorder is a recording device that allow you to record audio directly to separate tracks.

Once all the tracks are added, they can be mixed down to a stereo master recording. Today's digital multi-tracks have built in effects so you can add varying amounts to each track. The major difference between a hardware multi-track recorder and a computer sequencer is that the sequencer can record and edit MIDI data and the multi-track cannot.

What is a Recording Studio? A Recording Studio is a collection of devices that allow you to capture different "takes" of performances and assemble them into a finished audio product. A typical studio has microphones, multitrack recorders, mixers, instruments, and audio processors. With the exception of microphones, most every piece of hardware from a traditional recording studio has a software counterpart.