Revelations of Divine Love Complete and Unabridged

Revelations of Divine Love

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If you have any questions please e-mail us through eBay! Please check out our FB Page for new items and sales. By making your purchase here you agree to receive emails from Thornberrys about specials, new items, and sales. You may opt-out at any time. Brand New , Topic: After a radical conversion experience, Thomas Merton became a Trappist monk in the Abbey of Gethsemani.

At the heart of Merton's transformative conversion was contemplation. Now, this series invites you into that profound contemplative experience in six remastered conferences delivered by Merton. As you listen to Merton in his own voice, you will encounter his most profound teachings on prayer and contemplation. This anonymous fourteenth-century text is the glory of English mysticism, and one of the most practical and useful guides to finding union with God ever written.

The Cloud of Unknowing consists of a series of letters written by a monk to his student or disciple, instructing him or her in the way of Divine union. On this day of ill omen, plague makes its entrance. Within weeks, swathes of England will be darkened by death's shadow. While panic and suspicion flood the land, a small band of travelers comes together to outrun the breakdown in law and order.

But when one of their number is found hanging from a tree, the chilling discovery confirms that something more sinister than plague is in their midst. John of the Cross, addresses the feeling of being forgotten by the Presence of the Almighty that every Christian desirous of walking more closely with God must pass through in order to learn to walk by faith and not by sight. What makes them unique is their unusual asceticism. Most of them became hermits and lived in the caves of Egypt to uncover the deepest secrets of the inner soul of man.

It was in this profound aloneness and heightened dispassion, that these Early Desert Fathers found God. Of course the last was just a wicked fancy.

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As the only daughter of a noble family, she must one day marry a man who is very grand and very rich. But Fate has other plans. Is her glamorous cousin Katherine Howard a friend or a rival? Francis of Assisi is one of the most beloved of all saints.

Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich (FULL Audiobook)

Both traditional and entirely revolutionary, he was a paradox. He was at once down-to-earth and reaching toward heaven, grounded in the rich history of the Church while moving toward a new understanding of the world beyond. Franciscan Father Richard Rohr helps us look beyond the birdbath image of the saint to remind us of the long tradition founded on Francis' revolutionary, radical, and life-changing embrace of the teachings of Jesus. In Practical Mysticism , Evelyn Underhill distills the essential and comprehensible steps that comprise the process of achieving mystical understanding.

Though she uses the pantheon of Christian mystics as her guide, her methodology transcends any particular faith and offers a common sense approach to self-improvement and enhanced awareness. Each of seven talks brings us closer to the heart of the Sermon. The 13th-century mystic Meister Eckhart was the most brilliant Christian scholar of his day, but he was also legendary for the way that he opened listeners to the direct experience of God during his public talks.

Today, his written wisdom remains alive as ever, ready to illuminate us. With Meister Eckhart's Living Wisdom , James Finley, one of today's best-known teachers of the Christian contemplative tradition, invites us into Eckhart's insights in the same way that this luminary teacher delighted in sharing them. Renew your prayer life with Thomas Merton. Thomas Merton was one of the great spiritual masters: He inspired men and women from all walks of life with his dedication to prayer and contemplation.

In , near the end of his life, Merton gave a powerful set of lectures on prayer to the Sisters of Loretto. He channeled a lifetime full of wisdom, piety, and prayerfulness into these erudite yet down-to-earth talks. What if the full sense of our aliveness were only to be found amidst our most challenging times and difficult experiences?

Julian's revelations, experienced while suffering from a serious illness, may be dismissed as simple hallucinations or could be regarded as true divine visions from God. Regardless of what one might believe, "Revelations of Divine Love" is an important historical work of Christian theology.

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I read a lot, around 75 books a year. This is one of the most compelling , perceptive and thought provoking books I have read in the last 20 years. BUT I could wish Audible had chosen to issue a different translation. This is the translation from Old English, which sounds manageable, but the translator seems to have imagined how people might have spoken in ye olden days, had they used modern vocab, and tried to reproduce it!

That's what makes it a hard read. I've read extracts in other translations and as non fiction goes it's a page turner. Not so this edition.

Your search results:

I am going to buy it again in another edition, maybe I'll find one on Kindle. I wanted a human reader first off, but synthetic audio on a version without the words 'weel', 'meed' and 'forsooth' etc would be preferable. I never had to look up so many words in what is supposedly my own language!

The high star rating is for the book. They are not straight 5s because of the translation, and because there are no chapter markers, which makes navigation very hard. Audible, please give us a better edition. I will buy it without reservation. This is a masterwork, let it shine. Beautifully expresses the nature of man and God. To think it is probably the first book written in English by a woman is mind blowing too.

Wonderfully read by Pam Ward. Would you listen to Revelations of Divine Love again? Julian of Norwich's writing is at once profoundly nuanced in terms of scholastic theology but rooted in the personal experiences and poetry of mysticism. She can stand toe to toe with her medieval peers yet does not submit to playing their game by their rules. Her meditations have the power to inform, entertain, and inspire. Which scene was your favorite? I love the scene with the hazelnut.

Fans of hers know what I mean the beauty of the passage is well known and for good reason. New readers will be surprised by the subtly and accessibility of her views of the universe. If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be? I find Julian's writing difficult, at times, to personally connect with.