Agro-alimentaire : une économie de la qualité (Economie agricole) (French Edition)


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Economie Publique - Stephan Marette

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  1. Maîtrise en agroéconomie - avec mémoire (M. Sc.) | Université Laval.
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Stephan Marette

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Cultiver des idées pour sortir du modèle unique

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Economic gains and Integrated Pest Management: An application to the Sclerotinia and the Canola Crop in: Brand Advertising or Geographical Indication? World Trade Review, , vol. Experiments can provide answers in: Journal of Regulatory Economics, , vol. More information and Appendix in pdf format.


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La qualité des aliments au coeur du processus industriel

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Des obstacles qui pourraient se dresser en chemin

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Download in pdf format. Are Standards Always Protectionist?

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