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He eats at the molecular gastronomy restaurant Mugaritz , the grill-based restaurant Etxebarri, and Arzak. Tony is determined to avoid doing the "tourist thing" and visiting the Egyptian pyramids , but rather explore what it means to be Egyptian; to spending an evening at a men's cafe smoking Shisha , to a boat ride down the Nile and spending time in the desert with a group of Bedouin men.

In honor of Labor Day , Tony throws a backyard and poolside barbecue for his production crew as they reminisce about shows gone by, from its interesting guests to scenes never broadcast on domestic North American television. Nari Kye appears in this episode.

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Tony eats Mexican foods like tortillas and roast pork and drinks pulque , an alcoholic beverage. He also attends a lucha libre school. Tony visits Washington, D. He visits the International Spy Museum and practices one espionage technique, the dead drop. After years of working alongside Azorean Portuguese immigrants in his early cooking career in New England, Tony travels to the Portuguese islands of the Azores.

There, he visits a boiling geyser. Tony visits Chicago and samples local favorites like sausages, Chicago-style hot dog , and Burt Katz 's deep-dish pizza , as well as upscale dining.

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The episode shows various clips from previous shows of appetizing-looking meals. Tony visits Manila , Pampanga , and Cebu in the Philippines , traveling around with one of the runners-up of his "FANatic" contest, Augusto Elefano, to figure out "just who are the Filipino people ". After tasting Cebu's famous Lechon , he considered it as the "best pig ever. Tony visits old establishments in Manhattan that are becoming a rarity in the city.

Tony visits Colombo , Sri Lanka , samples the local food, and discusses the aftermath of the Sri Lankan Civil War and the tsunami. He is there to pay his respects to the family of Madame Ngoc, an old friend and restaurateur whose kindness and warmth touched Tony during his past visits. He visits the countryside, street markets and newly upscale areas of Ho Chi Minh City.

At the end of the episode, he considers moving there. Tony visits Santiago and Patagonia in Chile. He attends a Chilean rodeo event and enjoys sopaipillas and beef braised in wine. Tony visits Melbourne , Australia, and samples food from the city's diverse ethnic communities as well as at high-end restaurants. He also learns how to play Trugo. In Baltimore they meet with several of the cast members of the television show The Wire.

In Buffalo they meet one of the other runners-up of the "FANatic" contest, Nelson Starr, and see his rock band perform. Zamir is discovered to have become a celebrity in the US in his own right, as a result of his previous No Reservations appearances. A collection of street food clips from past shows, mostly in Asia. Tony's adventures takes him to the city of San Francisco , a city of districts and contradictions. Tony dines with poet August Kleinzahler , and then off to chef Chris Cosentino 's restaurant for an offal tasting. Tony travels to Thailand and catches the beginning of the political unrest there.

He also enjoys street food in Bangkok and explores Phuket. Tony travels to the state of Montana in the United States, where he visits a ranch and learns the struggles of being a rancher. He eats local specialties like beef, pasty , trout , and buffalo. Tony gets an understanding of why fly fishing is so addictive and meets with writer and local legend Jim Harrison , and artist Russell Chatham. Tony answers the top 10 questions from viewers, submitted and voted on at the Travel Channel's website.

His answers are illustrated with clips from the show. Tony visits the "outer boroughs" of New York City: Bourdain travels with his wife, Ottavia Busia, to her ancestral home of Sardinia , Italy. Tony visits Panama , including a trip to Manuel Noriega 's old house, and a trip into the rainforest, where he meets some local tribespeople. He also watches as the police set fire to a multi-million-dollar seized stash of cocaine. He also visits the Blue Mosque. Tony travels to Brittany , France and enjoys some of the local specialties, like crepes, cider and oysters.


Inspired to find his own Heart of Darkness and live out his inner Kurtz , Tony rides up the Skrang River to visit with an Iban village. From there, Tony meets up with an old friend, Michiko, and they travel to Kisoji for a water purification ritual; learn the exchange of meishi and help celebrate Obon. In Portland , Tony samples unique donuts and pizza, explores the history of the underground, and goes camping with some old friends. He also enjoys poutine at La Banquise , sausages with maple syrup at a sugar house , and Montreal-style bagels , and learns to play hockey. February 28, Rating:

Tony enjoys the old-world charms of Prague in the Czech Republic, and travels with local Michelin-awarded chef Zdenek Pohlreich. He also meets his biggest challenge, the 10 year old daughter of Michael Pardus, Sierra. Tony visits Ecuador 's Andean capital Quito to try some street food and local soups.

Finally he tries some local stews in Guayaquil and experiences a crab party.

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Anthony talks to chefs and bloggers whose obsessive love for food drives them to noteworthy feats. Tony visits the city of Harbin in northeastern China and experiences the mix of Chinese and Russian cultures there. He also visits an eccentric local entrepreneur who enjoys karaoke and all things American. Tony returns to Vietnam to explore the Central Highlands Vietnam.

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His stops include the cities of Da Lat and Hanoi. Tony tries more woodland creatures like Java mouse-deer ; eats a Hanoi delicacy: Bourdain and various chefs illustrate basic cooking techniques. Tony travels to Maine , guided by one of his cameramen, Maine native Zach Zamboni. Like the first "Food Porn" episode, this episode features a mix of previous clips and new footage.

The episode is introduced by porn actor Ron Jeremy. Vincent and the Grenadines. He meets with chef Norman van Aken , a fusion pioneer, and they visit the Tobago Cays. He also participates in an opossum hunt and eats the resulting stew. He goes scuba diving and eats at a cafeteria-style restaurant in the capital city, Kingstown. While on a speaking tour through the United States, Tony visits the cities Livonia, Michigan , Columbus, Ohio , Minneapolis , Denver , Austin and Milwaukee and searches out high-end and innovative dining to counter a perception some have that the middle of the United States represents a culinary wasteland.

Tony visits the state of Kerala in India, where he enjoys the local cuisine, such as Malabar Matthi curry , and meets local film star Mammootty on the set of the film Pokkiri Raja. Tony introduces footage taken by a documentary crew who were filming Bourdain in immediately after the publishing success of his book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. Tony visits Dubai and samples some of the local highlights, including fine dining and the indoor ski resort Ski Dubai. He also meets and eats with some of the locals, including young sheiks and foreign workers.

Tony visits Rome, Italy and meets artisans of pasta, cheese and other local specialties. The episode was filmed entirely in black and white and is intended as an homage to Federico Fellini 's films, especially La Dolce Vita. Tony and crew return to Beirut after their last attempt was derailed by the Lebanon War.

The Zero Point Zero crew's behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Kerala episode. Tony and the crew of No Reservations discuss the making of the show, from its beginning to the present. Tony and his friends plan a huge potluck holiday dinner. The episode includes holiday-inspired music videos from the band Das Racist. Tony visits Haiti , a country still recovering from the earthquake and dealing with a cholera epidemic in and an impending hurricane.

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Tony seeks to reconnect with the historically rich country of Cambodia. While sampling local seafood, Tony sits down with politicians to discuss the country's difficult Khmer Rouge past. Tony visits Nicaragua to sample the cuisine, and in the process examines the cultural extremes in the country. Tony visits wintery Vienna , Austria, visits Christmas markets, goes hunting suited like an aristocrat, eats sphincter and has, surprisingly, an overall good time. Tony finds out who Krampus is. He also goes fishing with novelist Daniel Woodrell , who breaks his shoulder on film.

They enjoy the local cuisine and bars and meet with local celebrities like columnist and talk-show host Howie Carr. Weeks before the March quake , Tony visits Hokkaido , Japan. He visits with the indigenous people of Hokkaido, the Ainu. Tony ends his trip dining at a ryokan enjoying a formal robatayaki. Tony travels to Cuba in the search of the island's heart and soul where beauty abounds in the people, the food and the architecture and streets that are riddled with cars from before the revolution.

Tony visits Macau , a former Portuguese colony south of Hong Kong now known as the "Vegas of Asia", and tries his hand at some casino games. He also visits the Macau Tower bungee jump, the largest in the world, and takes the ultimate plunge. Tony travels to Naples , Italy, considered to be the root of Italian-American cuisine , to find out the differences and similarities between the original and its American counterpart.

Tony and Zamir travel through the abandoned city of Chernobyl in Ukraine , site of a nuclear accident 25 years earlier. They then travel elsewhere in Ukraine including the Crimea and sample local food like green borscht. Tony and his crew venture to the war zone of Iraqi Kurdistan , as well as Turkish Kurdistan , to explore the tragic history and hopeful future of the Kurds. He then continues west into the bayou and Cajun country. When Kate's sister Christine is killed in a car accident, her nine-year-old niece, Zoe Abigail Breslin , must move in with her.

Kate is devastated by her sister's death and with all of her problems, Paula decides to hire a new sous chef to join the staff, Nick Palmer Aaron Eckhart , who is a rising star in his own right and could be the head chef of any restaurant he pleased. Nick, however, wants to work under Kate.

The atmosphere in the kitchen is somewhat chaotic as Kate feels increasingly threatened by Nick as time goes on due to his style of running her kitchen. Nick loves to listen to opera while he cooks and he loves to make the staff laugh. And Kate finds herself strangely attracted to Nick, whose uplifting personality has not only affected her staff but Zoe as well, who has been coming to work with Kate. With all that is happening in Kate's life, the last thing she would want is to fall in love with this man, as she has pushed away all others prior.

Nevertheless, there is some kind of chemistry between the two of them that only flourishes with their passion for cooking. Yet life hits her hard when Paula decides to offer Nick the job of head chef and Kate's relationship with Nick turns a sour note due to Kate's pride. Nick also develops a special bond with Zoe. In the end, Kate allows herself to become vulnerable and tear down the walls she has built throughout her life so that she and Nick could start fresh. The movie concludes with Zoe, Nick, and Kate having opened their own bistro.

Filming took place in New York in Competitive reservation-making tends to be exclusive to higher-end restaurants. The system is sustained by people coveting seats in the center of the action, with the creations of the best chefs presented on the table in front of them. But with customers becoming savvy about different chefs and food styles, people are no longer vying for such exclusive outings. The work of great chefs is no longer confined to those with connections.

For hot and trendy spots, rejecting reservations is an excellent marketing tool. Exclusivity based on the number of seats available instead of stature attracts big numbers and builds buzz. Not taking reservations works extremely well for places with radical menus, as mentioned by the Washington Post. Surprising recipes and thoughtful ingredient sourcing are the two most common menu draws for walk-in recipes.

Interestingly, walk-in-only restaurants are making higher profits than if they were to accept reservations. Some restaurateurs have opted to sell tickets for dinners to ensure that guests show up, but scrapping reservations altogether has become more common. Instead of two or three table turns a night, walk-in-only restaurants discussed in a Globe and Mail article were changing tables four times throughout the evening.

Without the lag time in between reservations, new guests could be seated immediately. For restaurants that have small margins, this change in revenue has a large effect. Despite the popularity of walk-in-only bars and restaurants, they do run the risk of alienating a large number of customers, namely older generations, including senior citizens, and parents hiring babysitters.

Dessert is delicious, but many restaurants struggle to make a profit from serving it.