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5 Ways Recruiters Find Candidates

There are always those jobs that have nothing absolutely to do with what you are currently applying for that, if listed, could act as an icebreaker. However, senior executives should proceed with caution, since their positions require them to put their best foot forward and everything must be tight, he says.

This also goes for the thank-you notes you send after interviewing. These set you apart from everyone else, because they demonstrate your ability to succeed, he says. Employers know to ask, regardless of the role.

The same advice applies to listing things like Microsoft Office Suite proficiency, which is a generally expected skill for any job seeker hoping to work in a white-collar profession. Using jargon and buzzwords is a pet peeve of most people, including recruiters.

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Match the jargon on the job description, but go no further than that, he says. But even then, you run the risk of being tagged only to what is listed in the job description, and that can work against you. Finally, says Bacon, one of the best things you can do in this stage of a job search is to make friends with the recruiter. As a job seeker, you should always compare your resume against job descriptions when you apply to jobs online. There are two primary types of recruiters: Both types of recruiters fulfill staffing needs but who they staff for is different.

Agency recruiters work at staffing firms that specialize in finding candidates within a specific industry. While they usually specialize in an industry like marketing or technology, they recruit for multiple, if not dozens of companies within that given field.

2. Enlist Someone Who Works There to Help You

Internal recruiters work for only one company, providing hiring support for a variety of open roles within their company. Agency recruiters often focus on depth, i.

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Most companies utilize a combination of internal and agency recruiters for any given role. Unlike a company ATS, which only contains the resumes of candidates who have applied to jobs at their company, job board and career site databases contain millions of resumes that span different industries, experience levels, and geographical locations.

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As a job seeker, you should always compare your resume against job while internal recruiters focus on breadth, i.e. finding both a sales manager and a resume that recruiters won't pass up once they've got it in their hands. On who usually have a Recruiter account, to search for candidates based on. Get Your Resume in the Right Hands! Connect with recruiters who have job openings that match your qualifications. Connect with venture capital / PE professionals who are seeking senior level managers. letter and resume to the search/recruiting and venture capital/PE firms in your field. Search Firm Directories.

They are a gold mine for recruiters trying to find the perfect candidate for a role. Large career sites such as Career Builder facilitate a passive approach to landing jobs by asking you, the user, to upload your resume into their database.

3 Totally Appropriate Ways to Find—and Impress—the Hiring Manager

Resumes stored into their database are then available to recruiters and companies who pay for access to search their bank of resumes. On these job boards your resume will likely be searched with a Boolean or string search, meaning a combination of keywords and phrases in a search will result in your resume coming to the top of the pile. One of the most popular recruiting tools these days is LinkedIn because of its ease of use. These tools help people compare their resumes against the actual job descriptions, and make suggestions about which relevant, contextual keywords your resume is missing and score how well it matches the job description.

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In other words, picking keywords can be tricky even with the tips above , so lean on technology to double-check you chose the right ones. Now, the biggest thing to keep in mind after reading all of this is that if you play your cards right, your resume will end up in human hands.

1. Do a People Search on LinkedIn

And those human hands do not speak in keyword. So make sure that your resume has all the right keywords, but is also readable. James Hu is the founder of Jobscan , a resume keyword analysis tool.

He is a second-time entrepreneur and worked for Microsoft, Groupon, and Kabam Games. James graduated from the University of Washington and has lived in the U. Hmmm, seems you've already signed up for this class.

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On the flip side, crafting a too-specific statement could disqualify you for a potential dream job. In order to attract more referral candidates, many companies offer a monetary incentive for their employees to recommend people from their network for open roles. Employers know to ask, regardless of the role. And too often, when you click submit, all you get in return is an automated email that your materials have been received. But do pull out the stops in trying to introduce yourself directly. Submitting online applications can feel like throwing rocks into the abyss.

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